Hi all, welcome to scienceiq. In this post, I will discuss ideas to build your research profile. The most common advice you would have received as a novice researcher is reading lots of articles and practicing writing. Reading and writing papers will help you develop your writing skills, but there is more to it. IContinue reading “WAYS TO BUILD YOUR RESEARCH PROFILE”

How to prepare research protocol for beginners

Hi all, welcome back to ScienceIQ. Today we will discuss how to prepare your research protocol when you have no idea about it. Protocol writing can be intimidating especially for beginners who have no experience in research. I have been in the same shoes during my first year of graduate research. In the beginning, runningContinue reading “How to prepare research protocol for beginners”

How to correct common pitfalls in methods and statistical reporting

Hi all, here is a new post on methods and statistical reporting in a manuscript. One of my mentors, Dr. Sundar Kumar, inspired me to write this post. For beginners like us, it isn’t very easy to understand and interpret our data analyses, which affect the way we report it in our manuscripts. Today, weContinue reading “How to correct common pitfalls in methods and statistical reporting”

How to excel in PhD: EXPERT ADVICE

Hi all, welcome back to scienceIQ! This is the first guest blog post of scienceIQ. We have Dr. Saurab Sharma as our guest, and today we will be discussing – how to get through the #Phdlife effectively. Here are some handy and inspiring tips from Dr. Saurab Sharma. Dr. Saurab Sharma is a pain scientistContinue reading “How to excel in PhD: EXPERT ADVICE”

An (emotional) journey of publication

Hi all, today we will talk about an interesting topic that is not very prevalent among research students. You would have read materials on the publication process, how to publish, writing to impressing editors, etc. But, we will discuss the psychology and the emotions that are associated with publications, especially for beginners. In this post,Continue reading “An (emotional) journey of publication”

How to stay productive and calm during the quarantine in academia – 10 tips

Hi all, I am writing this post on tips to maintain productivity during the quarantine period. Many people are staying alone, and away from their families, so it is likely that they feel anxious, worried, distracted, or even bored staying at home. Social media makes it challenging to stay focused and also leads to lossContinue reading “How to stay productive and calm during the quarantine in academia – 10 tips”

Qualitative data analysis – step by step guide

Welcome back to scienceIQ! Qualitative research explores the quality of the situation/phenomenon. It has nothing to do with p-values or mean differences. The purpose of qualitative research is to understand the phenomenon and NOT to generalize the findings.  Qualitative research is not so popular in the health sciences. It originated and developed from social sciences.Continue reading “Qualitative data analysis – step by step guide”


Hi all, welcome back to scienceIQ. Today we will discuss an interesting and important topic on publishing in predatory journals/conferences. The term ‘predatory’ literally means exploiting someone for their benefit.  It has a similar meaning when we talk about predatory journals. What is a predatory journal – Predatory journals are money-making journals that compromise scienceContinue reading “HOW TO IDENTIFY PREDATORY JOURNALS AND CONFERENCES”

Literature Review – a guide for beginners

Hi all, welcome back to scienceIQ! I am writing a post after a long time, but I will keep posting as and when possible. So, stay tuned. Today we will discuss Literature Review. Yes, it is the most disliked process in conducting research, and it is the first challenge that we all have to faceContinue reading “Literature Review – a guide for beginners”