How to register your systematic review on PROSPERO – for Newbies

Hi all, I wish you have a wonderful New Year. Because it is a holiday season and everyone is in a festive mood, I will keep this post very short and fun to read. This is the third post on systematic reviews, and if you follow all the posts step by step then you will be able to complete your systematic review by the end of this series 🙂

Hope you are ready with your review protocol, if not go ahead and do it now ( Next, we move on to registering it on Prospero.

Step 1 – Open the browser:

I have given the link here (
Just like any other website, you need to sign up first.

Step 2 –  Go to my PROSPERO

After signing in, go to “my PROSPERO” in the right corner. Then, click on “Register your review now.”

Step 3: Choose your review type

Once you click on register your review, then you need to select your review category, i.e., is your review on human participants or animal model.

Step 4 – Answer a few questions before you go to the registration

The first question will be: whether it is a scoping or literature or mapping review. If you click “YES” then you won’t be able to register further because currently, Prospero is only registering systematic reviews. So, click on “NO.”

Next, keep answering the questions as shown in the picture. You also need to specify if there is another review which exists on the same topic and if so, why do you wish to do it or how different is your review from the other one.

You will need to specify the stage of your review. Don’t worry if all your answers are “not started.” It won’t matter.

Step 5 – Begin registering

Once you have answered all the questions, you can go ahead to the main 40-item registration form. It is exactly like your protocol. So, if you have prepared your protocol, then you can simply copy-paste it here.  You can also save it and keep filling it at your pace. You may also wish to copy the entire form in a word doc and then fill it (it may take more time).

Last few questions have to be filled when you have completed the entire review. So don’t be afraid to leave those sections blank.

PROSPERO Registration form

That’s it. It is so simple to register your review. Make sure that your PROTOCOL is well-written; then registration is a cake-walk.  I have also linked the pdf on ‘guidance for registering on Prospero’ for more clarity and details.

Hope you have a blessed 2019! Stay connected and comment below if you have any queries.


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